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Healthcare Analytics Consulting services

We are experts in applying data analytics for the healthcare, pharma, manufacturing, automobile, and medical industries. We innovate unique solutions to various customer problems using mathematics, data analytics, machine learning and AI.

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Healthcare process enhancement through data analytics

Data analytics when used for Health Care System often leads to valuable insights on system management, patient care, predict risks, and efficiency of process, system, etc.

Predictive Analytics

Predicting risks have become essential and at the same time difficult as there is either very less data or really large data available. The nature of the data too seems to be different for every scenario.

Adaptive Learner- Predictor Systems for problem solving

Adaptive Learner Predictor System, ALPS as the name suggests is a system of predicting different types of data.This system adapts to the various trend of

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Objective Root Cause Analyzer, ORCA

It's all about numbers. But this time, its about numbers related to hard cash that can go straight into your company's profits. Our software, ORCA, helps..

Adaptive Learner- Predictor Systems, ALPS

 ALPS as the name suggests is a system of predicting different types of data.This system adapts to the various trend of data by learning its nature and once it learns,

Healthcare Data Analyzer System, HDAS

HDAS, is data analytics software specially designed for the needs of hospital domain. It helps understand the data from medical domain from various dimensions...


“I feel your ORCA system is a useful tool. Your automatic analysis successfully detected the largest three quality issues we experienced”

Quality Head
One of the largest electronics companies in USA


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We are Pune based startup primarily focused on solving customer problems by providing research and development solutions using complex mathematics, ML, and AI. At Pi Compute, we believe mathematics gives unusual insights that help understand, improve and optimize processes,


Meet the Team

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Dr. Vinay G Vaidya

Pune, India

Dr, Vinay Vaidya is a scientist. He has worked at Boeing as Technical Fellow, at Siemens as a VP R&D...


You Mishima

Paris, France

You Mishima is a  management strategist. He has vast experience in Lean Manufacturing...


Emmanuel Reinhard

Paris, France

Emmanuel Reinhard is a technologist. He has worked with Aerospatiale, Alstom, Atos,...

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Robert B. Snyder

Greater Chicago Area, USA

Robert Snyder is a strategic expert with more than 30 years of operations experience. Once an engineer...

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Toshimi Yamanoi

Tokyo, Japan

Toshimi Yamanoi is a veteran engineer and technologist in automotive industry. He has...