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Objective Root Cause Analysis

It's all about numbers. But this time, it is about numbers related to hard cash that can go straight into your company's profits. Our software, ORCA, helps..



Adaptive Learner Predictor System

The ALPS is capable of learning from a minimal data set unlike in DNN. Having learned, it does not continue to use the same model every time but it..


Pi Innovate is a contract R&D provider.  We innovate unique solutions to customer's problems.  Our  expertise lies in machine learning, AI, advanced mathematics, computer vision, and pattern recognition.  Our solutions and products fall in two broad categories. The first is data and predictive analytics.  The second is object recognition in a supervised learning mode.  At Pi Innovate, we believe that mathematics gives unusual insights into any business.  This strength leads to improved financial management, reduction in product defects, and better manufacturing processes. Together it results in a large profitable growth.



Dr Vaidya - Copy.jpg

Dr. Vinay G Vaidya

Pune, India

Dr, Vinay Vaidya is a scientist. He has worked at Boeing as Technical Fellow, at Siemens as a VP R&D...


You Mishima

Paris, France

You Mishima is a  management strategist. He has vast experience in Lean Manufacturing...


Emmanuel Reinhard

Paris, France

Emmanuel Reinhard is a technologist. He has worked with Aerospatiale, Alstom, Atos,...

Rob Snyder.jpg

Robert B. Snyder

Greater Chicago Area, USA

Robert Snyder is a strategic expert with more than 30 years of operations experience. Once an engineer...

Yamanoi San.jpg

Toshimi Yamanoi

Tokyo, Japan

Toshimi Yamanoi is a veteran engineer and technologist in automotive industry. He has...


“I feel your ORCA system is a useful tool…… Your automatic analysis successfully detected the largest three quality issues we experienced……”


                    --- Feedback from a quality head at a large electronics company in North America.