About Us

Pi Innovate Team


Pi Innovate team consists of experienced machine learning practitioners, data scientist, and developers.  We have expertise in manufacturing processes, computer vision, speech processing, and data sciences. Pi Innovate has developed algorithms, efficient computational methods, and tools to accelerate software development.  Pi Innovate has expertise in mathematical modeling and extracting information empirically to build complete simulations. Our past experience includes developing a mathematical model for the wind shear in the aerospace industry, mathematical model development for tumor growth and chemotherapy, Vascular flow simulation model, environmental simulator for image algorithm testing, and Engine simulation on a Pratt & Whitney engine.  Our areas of expertise include:

  • Data analytics and machine learning

  • Computer Vision

  • Image and signal processing

  • Driver Safety Systems Development

  • High-Performance Computing 

  • Biometrics

  • Brain-Computer Interface


Advances in technology can be intimidating.  This is especially true when people mystify technology as if it is some sort of magic.  We have always maintained that it is important to explain the technology to our customers and demystify it. Our method of demystifying the technology is to develop an external, simplified layer so that any non-expert can use the system, get the message from the system, and get their job done.  

​Our customers are from diverse domains.  Manufacturing, automotive, and consumer industry are some of the examples. Our products are agnostic to the industry type.  They seamlessly fit into any industry that requires analyzing data.