Our Team

Dr. Vinay Vaidya

Pune, India

Dr. Vinay Vaidya is a scientist.  He has worked at Boeing as a Technical Fellow, at Siemens as a VP R&D, and at KPIT Cummins as a CTO. He is a Ph.D. advisor at Department of Technology, S P Pune University, India.  His research areas include AI, one-shot learning, image processing, and mathematical modeling.  He holds twelve granted patents in the US, Japan, China, Europe, and Mexico with additional 10+ patents pending.  He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Vision from the University of Washington, Seattle. 

Robert B. Snyder

Illinois, USA

Robert Snyder is a strategic expert with more than 30 years of operations experience. Once an engineer now a passionate business coach in the consulting space and an experienced advisor in Lean Manufacturing and strategic planning. Most recently he has held COO and VP roles in private and public companies in the areas of continuous improvements.


Robert Snyder has worked at Boeing as General Manager of operations and engineering, at Kodak as senior operations manager, at IDEX as the Global VP of Operations among other positions.

You Mishima

Paris, France

You Mishima is a management strategist.  He has vast experience in the technology marketing field. His sales experience includes S&MB and large accounts such as Johnson Controls - Visteon - La Poste - Schneider - Alsthom - PSA Group (Peugeot).  He is the President of Square Roots Technology, a consulting company specialized into AI.


Emmanuel Reinhard

Paris, France

Emmanuel Reinhard is a technologist.  He has worked with Aerospatiale, AEROSPATIALE Missile Systems, Alstom, Atos, KearKr Mobile App. His expertise is in the management of complex projects, management of remote design & development teams, deep understanding of IT technology, including H/W, S/W, and design of complex system architectures.  He is the technical director at Square Roots Technology.


Toshimi Yamanoi

Tokyo, Japan

Toshimi Yamanoi is a veteran engineer and  technologist in automotive industry. He has held senior positions with Nissan Motor Corporation, SOLIZE Engineering, and KPIT.  He has long been involved in automotive safety technology development. He has designed and developed various safety equipment such as airbags, seat belts and other preventive safety devices for variety of vehicle models.  He is president of SC Automotive Engineering.