Adaptive Learner-Predictor System - ALPS


Prediction System using Field Service Data

​For any product, warranty claims can give major hiccups to the financial controller of the company. These claims are hard to predict and thus it is not possible to allocate budget from quarter to quarter. Often, such products are out in the market for less than a year. With a limited amount of data, it becomes even more difficult to use many standard prediction techniques.


Businesses in the repair / service sector for any product such as appliances, automotive, computers, power generation, or medical equipment have to operate in an unpredictable environment as:

  • They don’t know what kind of repair requests will come or how many will come?

  • They don’t know which parts they should stock up?


Our expertise lies in getting deep insights from the limited data. We have developed a new technology that gives reasonably good predictions, thereby bringing some control to almost random fluctuations in the required cash flow.  We have done predictive analytics in other areas such as battery life estimation. With predictive analytics, we help customers go from reactive to proactive.


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