Objective Root Cause Analyzer

It's all about numbers.  But this time, it is about numbers related to hard cash that can go straight into your company's profits.  Our software, ORCA, helps you analyze your warranty data better to identify failures that are draining your profits and eroding customer confidence in your product.  It is the second-generation warranty analysis software that is sure to change your views about what you can find from your data.


Adaptive Learner Predictor System

The ALPS is capable of learning from a minimal dataset unlike in DNN. Having learned from the small or large dataset, it does not continue to use the same model every time but it adapts to changing dat trends. It creates a model out of it using a complex system that makes use of many technologies such as neural networks, machine learning, advance mathematics, control systems, and optimization methods. With this, a new model is trained. This new trained model is used to predict failures and costs for next six to nine months.

Pi Simulator

Imaging Simulator

Consider an automated system that identifies people on the road and warns the driver. Such a system needs extensive on-the-road testing and it needs a large data set to ensure that the system does a good job under varying environmental conditions.  Although necessary, it is an expensive proposition.  The Pi Imagine Simulator recreates all such conditions using various technologies and comes with a set of performance curves.  Our customers then tune their algorithms based on the system robustness characterization curves.