Healthcare Data Analyzer System, HDAS

Healthcare Data Analyzer System, HDAS is an data analytics software basically created for the Hospital Care system. It helps in giving valuable insights on hospital management, patient care, etc. This software helps us understand loop holes in the current process by helping us view large data from different angels.


The HDAS gives insights on:

  1. Root Cause of any problem

  2. Improve Patient's experience by optimizing the process

  3. Increase the revenue by optimizing the processes

  4. Optimizing the use of available resources

One of projects that we have worked on using this software is reducing the queue at pharmacy stores in the hospital. This involves analyzing the historical and real-time data and coming up with causes of big queues and  strategies of reducing the queue. With the help of HDAS, our team was able to suggest methods that lead to a reduction of 40% in the number of patients waiting in lines.